Friday, December 18, 2009

Rest week

It's a well deserved rest week. Ya know sleeping in, lounging around, eating lots of treats... Only it's not quite shaking out that way. First there is no way to sleep later than 5am in my house. If it isn't my son singing Frosty the Snowman at that ungodly hour (he tells me he is a fisherman and fishermen get up early - however I pointed out that they do not sing Frosty the Snowman, really they are very very quiet so they can surprise the fish, and he considered that seriously for a moment and then agreed with me so perhaps there is hope), then its my friend insomnia whose come to visit. Ugh!

As a result I swam anyways on Wednesday. I missed my swim friends. I missed the hot tub. I missed getting out of the house before the morning chaos ensued.

Today I'm sleeping in. Except it is 4:32am.

This is not right!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet Report: New England Short Course Meters Championships at BU

I know this can't keep happening. It cannot last. I do really know that. Change is a constant. And this weekend it just happened to be in my favor.

The BU pool was really spectacular. Clean and warm and spacious. Plenty of seating, all with good views. Friday night I drove down with Katie who was swimming the 800 free. It was a nice way for me to get in the right mindset for Saturday and Sunday and really fun to hand out with Katie. She did a great strong and steady 800 ad I was proud of her. We were out of the pool by 6:30 and on our way to dinner with Mary, the Iron Matron, in the burbs.

Saturday walking it I was greeted by 12 of my Lighthouse Masters teammates and more than 30 of our Maine Masters teammates. I think we are the most diverse team geographically with members from CT, MA, NH and ME. Our team is just fun, what can we say? I am really proud that my fellow workout teammates -- Jim, Gary, Claire, Ted, Katie, Julie, Liz, Jim B., and Peter -- all made it down for the meet (for many of them their first meet) along with Coach Kerry.

So it was hot, we had great conversation, many laughs, devoured juicy gossip, saw amazing swims... what we all look forward to at a Masters meet. I got to meet my current swim idol -- Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, world record holder and swim goddess -- and even swim next to her in the 100 fly. She asked me what my goal was for that event just before we got on the blocks. Um... have fun, keep my eyes on your feet for as long as possible. She of course broke a world record right there next to me. For a moment I shared in the glory as if it was me who had broke the WR -- I mean I was right there in the same water and shook her hand after just like in the Olympics. Doesn't get much better than that, unless of course you are breaking the record.

On the blocks (me in white) with Karlyn (in pink).

Ready set go!

Me and my hero, WR holder Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, after the 100 fly by the warm down pool.

Unexpectedly I did get taste of that later in the day. After I stalked Karlyn in the warm down pool and got my picture taken with her (yes I am a dork!) she gave me a brand new XTerra fast suit. It was tight as all get out. It took 15 minutes to put on and I nearly pulled 7 muscles getting it on. But once it was on, I didn't know the ride I was in for. My last event on Saturday was the 50 free. I didn't even get in the pool with the Xterra before the race. Right on the blocks. Coach was putting the pressure on all of us for this race. He wanted good times out of all of us since he had sat around all day (note of sarcasm). I was seeded in Lane 10. Kinda sucks but I decided I was gonna smoke it anyways. Karlyn was in the middle and another speedy MESC swimmer Jessica Knight was in the mix too. I just went gangbusters. I was in first at the turn!! I saw Gary, Ted and Jim cheering for me on the edge of the pool (benefit of Lane 10 I guess) and I just whipped my arms as hard as I could and kicked like I was shaking a rabid dog off my legs. Into the wall full speed.... 27.47!! (3rd place OA). I found out later it was also broke a NE Record set by swimming legend Jacki Hirsty in 1990. Jeez... I felt kinda bad when I met her afterwards. She is one amazing lady.

Other times..
100 meter fly 1:11.22
50 meter fly 29.85 (NE record)
100 meter free 1:02.49 (NE record)
100 meter IM 1:13.50

Now really what is best about these meets it having the team come together for relays.
I did three with fellow speedsters Jessica Knight, Son Nguyen, Anne Uecker, Cherly Kupan, Cheryl Daly and more. We got two more meet records out of those relays.

So all in all if I can keep swimming like this I am looking forward to turning 40 next year!
Thanks to my teammates for keeping it all real! You all are the best.
Go Blue Lobsters!
Oh yeah, we won the meet too :)

Mary and I: Check out the superhero suits!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NE SCM Champs Meet preview

The psych sheets are up!

I don't know how particularly "psyched" I am for this meet. Not sure how fast I will swim. But I did surprise myself in March at the SCY champs so I'll go in with the attitude that it will be fun to see friends and hang out in a steaming hot pool building all day waiting for my events. I mean, really, what could be more fun? I guess only for us die hard swimmers this is considered fun.

My seeds:
100 IM 41/6
200 free 13/3
100 fly 3/1
50 free 16/3
50 fly 6/2
100 free 13/3

I am very happy because we have 12 people from out workout group going including our coach. From Maine we have about 50+ people going which I think is a record for us. We usually win this meet but have to contend with the NY Red Tide team who are usually pretty well stacked.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lottery opens today!

The 4.4 mile Chesapeake Great Bay Swim lottery opens today.
10 Maine swimmers going for it. If we get in we have the privledge
of paying $250 to swim the churning waters of the Bay on
June 13, 2010.

Are you in?