Monday, September 28, 2009

More race pictures...

Post swim cheering on athletes in transition before I got too cold and had to head back to the pool.

Carry coming in for the win!

Pictures by Beth Rand Photography.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

CELT 2009 Race report

425 yards in the pool, 14 miles on the bike and 5K trail run.
Short and sweet... it rained a lot.
And it rained some more.
And then we won first relay overall thanks to our astounding races by Lorenzo, 2nd fastest bike OA, and Carry, fastest runner OA!
I broke out the FS Pro speed suit as I probably won't be able to wear it at any Masters meets this year. Got close to John in the water but he was too fast. But then my speedy little legs caught him on the way out on the run. Sorry dude! Not even close to Steve. Not sure that will ever happen.
Way to go team. Congrats to Katie (OA women's winner) Mary, Stacey, Jeff (OA men's winner), Mike (who finally got to beat Mary) and Team Brady-McCusker (Family Relay winners).

Here's to more fun relays next year.
Final stats:
Swim: 5:10 (fastest woman OA)
Bike: 38:17
Run: 20:07

Monday, September 14, 2009

It must be the 1st day of Masters

2:36 am ... I am sleeping so fine. I am a great sleeper. No problem falling asleep and I never feel sluggish. Naps. I love them.

But little people waking me up in the night being scared or because of pee problems... well that pretty much wrecks the rest of the night. So here I am at 4:48am wide awake eating a banana and a glass of chocolate milk, ready for the 1st day of Masters. No matter that I only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep. Three more months of hard training ahead, then a short break and then two more months. Yup that is it... swim season. No more basking in the warm sunlight swimming in the sea of inspiration, traveling to exciting races with "shark" or "island" or "escape" in the banners. Nope. Back to the chlorine and hairballs and 5am morning practices and leaving the house in sub-zero weather and snowstorms to get to the pool. I'm leaving behind the intoxicating smell of neoprene and that stunning superhero look.

But if there is anything good about buckling down for a long cold New England winter, it is getting back with all my Masters teammates. Without them I'm quite sure I wouldn't be having so much fun.

Here I go!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

YTD yardage totals

January: 22,400

February: 23,500

March: 26,000

April: 21,800

May: 30, 510

June: 28,165

July: 32,025

August: 19,305