Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another goggles update

After wearing the Tyr Velocity goggles for the entire 3-days of the Harvard meet I would have to recommend against them for racing. The straps have an unreliable tightener that loosens as you wear it. I had to keep readjusting it for every race. As you can imagine it was a little nerve racking.

The Speedo Vanquishers, which I have always used in the past for racing, have a much better strap that doesn't loosen.

And now after wearing the Tyr Socket Rockets for several weeks in practice I would continue to give them a good review for reduced goggle marks as well as no leakage. They have worked much better than the Swedes, which always leaked on my smaller face. For now this is my answer to the raccoon eyes problem!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Looking back at the meet...

400 Mixed 25+ Medley relay - New National Record (Alina, Jessica, Mike, Nate)

After watching the relay video far too many times (my kids keep asking and how can I resist that?), I can see what others were saying to me.

1. I need to work on my turns. My legs are too wide when they hit the wall and aren't even streamlined off the wall.

2. Relay starts! Time to get with the program and do the wind-up and not be afraid of DQ-ing.

3. Work on breakouts.

4. My arms really are a bit too wide on my strokes. I want to play around with bringing them in a bit.

Today I was back in the pool after a week off to rest and relax after the meet. Swam a long and easy 2700. I need to ramp up for the Great Bay swim but think I will wait until after April vacation so my shoulder gets a bit of a break. I am going to say it here for all to hear.... I promise to religiously do my shoulder strengthening exercises everyday!!