Sunday, September 27, 2009

CELT 2009 Race report

425 yards in the pool, 14 miles on the bike and 5K trail run.
Short and sweet... it rained a lot.
And it rained some more.
And then we won first relay overall thanks to our astounding races by Lorenzo, 2nd fastest bike OA, and Carry, fastest runner OA!
I broke out the FS Pro speed suit as I probably won't be able to wear it at any Masters meets this year. Got close to John in the water but he was too fast. But then my speedy little legs caught him on the way out on the run. Sorry dude! Not even close to Steve. Not sure that will ever happen.
Way to go team. Congrats to Katie (OA women's winner) Mary, Stacey, Jeff (OA men's winner), Mike (who finally got to beat Mary) and Team Brady-McCusker (Family Relay winners).

Here's to more fun relays next year.
Final stats:
Swim: 5:10 (fastest woman OA)
Bike: 38:17
Run: 20:07


Wendy said...

Nicely done!

IronMatron said...

I see Lorenzo is in a long-sleeved shirt.
Smart boy.
very smart.
SO FUN and congrats!!! I love CELT b/c it's such a party--see everyone, and then sadly say good-bye for the season!
(At least I say good-bye being the MA-hole, I am...)
What a great race. Next year it won't rain. It can't.
No more hypothermia for me!!!
xoxo congrats to your unbelievably speedy team!!!

MaineSport said...

Nice work, and thanks for pushing me.

Swimming for ME said...

Steve - you flatter me by saying i pushed you... I think I was pushing your wake! You smoked us all :)

John said...

Great job Alina!

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