Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bowdoin Spring Meet report

Very different from Harvard overall, but the same enthusiasm, breadth of talent and span of ages. Which of course is why I love Masters. So in the 500 (which I swam for the first time in 22 years or something ridiculous like that) we had folks going 5:02, 6:02, 7:32 and 9:48 .. none of us younger than 40. Wow! And the 7:32 I should mention was a national record for women 75-79. At this rate there will be no records I can possibly break by the time I reach that age. The meet total had about 25 people, only 2 heats per event and was over in less than 2 hours. Since I swam 4 events that made for very little rest between events.

First up the 500. Out in a 1:05 back in a 1:14 (ouch!) ..... lost the middle splits but they were too slow! ..... back for the last 100 in a 1:10, which I was proud of. At least I saved a little of my sprinting spirit for the end. Unfortunately not close to my goal of under 6:00, but on the good side I very accurately seeded myself exactly at my final time, 6:10. At least I know myself.

My times in the other events are kind of laughable because I had about 5 or 6 minutes rest in between events. Not even time to warm down. Next up the 200 back (2:42), then 200 IM (not even sure of my time it came and went so fast 2:40 something) -- I really got killed on the breaststroke leg. I went out in a 32 for the fly, came back in a 36 back and died in the breast 52! and then brought it home in a 36 -- what does that add up to? Then I was chatting away and almost missed the 50 breast. This was especially humorous as I swam next to Son who took off like a rocket and went a 30.5 (a PR for him). Ahem.... I sashayed my way in at a 42. Time for the breaststroke clinic. Sign me up.

Anyways I accomplished at least one goal for the season that I set way back. Swim the 500. Check!


Wendy said...

Sounds like you had a fun meet!

IronMatron said...

I hate the breaststroke. It just ruins the IM, you know?
Those are pretty respectable times given the lack of rest between events!
The 500 is SO hard to pace--it's not quite a total sprint--but it's not a distance event either. A tough one to crack, I think.

But congrats and I'm glad it was fun!

Ange said...

Hey I missed this before!!! GREAT swims!! Breastroke is like--rest time. I agree.
Awesome 500!!!

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