Friday, January 8, 2010

Straight swim

Today we completed 35 x 100 on 1:30... the interval felt good but boy my back was aching by the end. We've got a new swimmer who already is kicking my butt and he is not even working that hard. Watch out! It is going to be a good season I think.


Anne Marie Largay Poulin said...

Alina, My sister told me about your blog. Is there any room in the Cape Masters group? I tried to register in the fall and it was full (I was 4th on the waiting list). There's no way I could you keep up with you (amazing times!!) but it would be nice to get back into some kind of shape. I have to ask was the 7900 yds on 1/4 in 1 session or 2? And how do you find the time?!?
Anne Marie

Mary IronMatron said...

That's a lot of 100s. Who's the new dude?

Swimming for ME said...

Hi Anne Marie!
We would love to have you!... but you are right it is hard to get in. I can talk to coach. Find me on Facebook and we can chat more. The new guy is kicking my butt so it is going to be a good season. You would fit right in (and kick my butt too which is good!) ... Re yardage: I am of the quality over quantity camp so the 7900 is over 3 days! However I think coach is going to be giving us a lot more 3000 yard workouts so that number will creep up.

Ange said...

great set!!! funny you did that the same day I did my 40x100!!! wish we could have done it together!!
Hi to Anne Marie!