Monday, March 22, 2010

Goggles: Update

Speedo Women's Vanquisher - $13.75 -Still the tried and true. However don't get smoke-- it is too dark!

Tyr Femme Crystalflex $14.70 - In a word -- pathetic. I don't know who reviewed these for Swimmer mag, but maybe it was a 6 year old because I think that is who is going to get my pair. They stunk. Leaked off every wall despite numerous adjustments. Couldn't make it through the whole workout. Don't bother with these. They were just completely disappointing!

Tyr Socket Rockets - $6.55 - I like these. The have a comfortable silicone feeling overlay on the eye piece. It is thin and helps keep the "socket" suctioned to the face. And while they still leave some marks on my face after a workout, they are less noticeable and fade much more quickly than with the Vanquisher's.

Late addition.....

Tyr Velocity - $16.00 - this is what I will probably be wearing for Harvard as I had to return the green smoke Vanquishers. I like the Velocity goggles. Good tight fit and no leaking on starts ( I did at least 20 starts today). The straps are a bit too long but I think some scissors can fix that. They do leave goggle marks, but it seems impossible for a racing goggle not to. Overall a good choice.

Still have yet to try the Barracuda and Aquasphere goggles that readers recommended... up next along with open water goggles!

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Wendy said...

Thanks very much for these reviews!

Looking forward to the next round.