Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh speedsuit where fore art thou when I need you most?

That is my summary of the SCM Championship meet at BU this weekend.

Well that and... how can each age group I age up into get faster than the one before??

I love my blue lobstahs. Thank god for them.


Mary IronMatron said...

You posted!
Yes, agreed about the speedsuit.
And yes the 40-44 AG for women at this meet was.... ridiculous. xo

Swimming for ME said...

yes but I think you are my only reader left!

Pedergraham said...

I am still reading. Can't make it to many swimmeets in the Boston area due to my daughter's own meets,but I love seeing how you've done and reading about your cold open water swimming in Maine.

Anonymous said...

Longtime lurker here - thanks for posting again!

:) Greetings from Cambridge, MA

Swimming for ME said...

Thanks guys! I will try to get motivated to write some more soon.

I have a new strategy for this SCY season which I have to fully plan out.

rash guard said...

Good luck on your next swimming plans. Who needs speedsuit if you got speed already.

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