Sunday, January 18, 2009

Purple Rain...Baby I'm a Star!

Now I get it. I get all the hype. Why people get so into triathloning.

It has been snowing. All day. 10-12 inches predicted. I have been trapped in the house all day. With three kids. Nuf said.

So I finally did my first ride on the trainer. It was such a blast. I can tell my butt is going to hurt tomorrow. I worked way to hard. Unlike swimming, I learned that how hard I work is entirely dependent on the music I play.

Baby I'm a Star. Very good.

I will Survive. Not so good.

Disco Inferno. Very good, especially if I sprint on the Burn Baby Burn chorus.

Purple Rain. Good for a cool down.

Clearly I need a good mix now.

My legs are burning and tingling. I could get in and do a swim workout now.
Is this what they call endorphins? I like it! I am ready for my first sprint tri (at least mentally).


Ange said...

how exciting!!!!! That is so great! Welcome to the madhouse. :) Very cool. You will love this stuff.
And we love the virtual swim video!!! I watched it with the boys to hlep them a little.
and thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

IronMatron said...

Yes, endorphins play a role. ;)
I agree that music makes all the music. I recommend Mac Daddy's Baby Got Back. It makes me laugh and gets me psyched every time. Also Smash Mouth, the You're a Rock Star one.