Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow job

You ever have that kind of nap where you wake and you can't remember where you are or what day it is? I had one of those this afternoon. Delicious, so needed and slightly strange. I felt transported. Maybe it what was I needed to shake this sickness. I think I am finally better.

I had a swimming dream. Shocker! my husband told me. But actually I don't have them THAT much. I was working on starts with some new supposedly fangled technique (you know from dreamland) where I have both hands on the wall shoulder width apart, I lean in and push away quickly and clap as fast as possible. Something with improving my reaction time I think was the idea. Well the dream went on and on, from doing a dive fully clothed, to being asked on a date by a super nice but nerdy guy who didn't seem to mind that I told him I'd have to ask my husband and seemed quite pleased we'd be going with his mother (WHAT is up with that?) to a new vision for a team suit...but I won't bore you with the details.

You might have guessed from this rambling post that it is snowing... snowing heavily... perhaps up to 15 inches today. School got called off but not before I decided at 5:20 that if I had to go to work I should probably skip swimming and rest one more hour and knock this illness for once and all. BUMMER!! Another workout missed. I'll be back strong on Friday.


Wendy said...

Going back to the pool rested and feeling well is definitely the best way to go.

(We're having a snow day, too -- I have done 2 hours of Evil-Cross Training already today.)

Ange said...

that dream must mean Something. the clapping made me laugh. and get this...I dreamt of swimming last night too! I was doing starts and I kept falling off the block Before the race....I haven't done starts in Years. So, at the pool this a.m., first thing I did was get on that block!
Glad you napped and glad you are getting better!! Good decision this a.m.!!

Alejandro said...

hope you feel better

Anonymous said...

funny dream. I'm glad his mother was planning to chaperone.
Did you swim this a.m.? Back at it?