Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's GROSS, I know

I've been sick for a month, had a lot of work, the pool was 76 degrees this week (broken pump), there have been 3 snow days in the last month and thus a slew of missed workouts, my shoulder hurts, my trunk broke and I can't open it, I got my period, my driveway is covered with ice and.....I have a hang nail on my left toenail.

You get the idea.. lots of excuses to not swim my fastest at New England.

I need a motivator.

Yes I can dig deep and go beyond all these excuses. But I need something more.

I thought long and hard about this. And then thought some more. Finally it came to me...

I will not shave until the meet! Like the old days (except there will be no taper cause I haven't worked hard enough to taper-ha ha!). Yes, it's kind of gross, I know, but it will be fun and give me that extra psychological boost when I get up on the blocks and dive in and feel smooth and faassst.

So in the interest of grossing everyone out here is the "before" picture. On March 26th I'll post a picture of my amazonian hairy legs!


Wendy said...

Whatever it takes! ;-)

IronMatron said...

You're a hairy beast. This is going to be good.

Ange said...

you did always "win" the hairiest legs back then...
You are going to kick butt at the meet. I have faith.