Monday, March 30, 2009

NESCY Championship 2009 report

Subtitle: Is it the suit or is it me? Heck who cares!

On the blocks in my new suit

As I mentioned back in February after the Cape Sprint meet, it was time to get me a new suit. Well I've done that and I am in love with my (kind of new) Speedo FastSkin-PRO. I never knew what a difference a suit could make. I had the meet of my life. I couldn't be more happy. When I arrived Mike, the president, asked "What suit are you wearing?" I thought that was a wierd question but he had in mind getting me into a fast suit. What a good idea! Thank you to Beth for lending me the suit and then selling it to me and thank you to Mike for even getting me to consider the idea of a fast suit.

Maine Masters is a great group and were so welcoming to me. There were only 3 people from my workout group out of the 80+ people that came from MESC but it didn't matter because after the first minute I was there people were chatting it up and giving me great advice.

So here is the short version cause frankly I am still kind of wiped out from the meet!

50 back
- I had no idea what to expect with my new suit and figured this was just a warm up for the 100 fly so I'd take it out not too fast so I didn't miss the turn... whoa final time 30.88, 3 second drop from my seed and 3rd place.

100 fly - this was it. The race I came a day early for. The one I really cared about. I felt good. I felt like a superwoman in my new suit. I knew I had to sprint the first 50 and then come back for the second 50 with all I had left...yes!! I just looked at the clock and said "Holy sh#@$t!" Was it possible? 1:02.53, five seconds off my time from February and 2 seconds off my best high school time.

400 free relay - 56.86 split ..yes! and second place

100 free
- I was nervous about swimming this without a warm up event and I even though I was seeded 3rd we were all packed in together. I had some bad turns, but still dropped 2 seconds off my time coming in at a 57.22 for 4th place (only .1 off of 2nd -- like I said it was tight).

100 back - I figured what the heck just go have some fun with this one. I was seeded 10th and just wanted to get some points for the team. I took the first 50 all out and came back with what I had left. It was fun cause I could see the clock on the scoreboard counting up 59, 1:00, 1:01.... final time 1:07.9, five seconds off my seed and 6th place!

200 medley relay - 27.66 split in the fly -- yes now I knew what I was capable of for tomorrow-- 2nd place

200 free relay
- 25.69 -- ditto above -- 1st place!!

50 fly
- I was a bit nervous having this without a warm up event but decided early that morning that this was my race for the day. This was the one I was going to focus on. Sprints are great because you don't need to think you just have to react and go. I did... 27.8...whoa!!! yes!! only .4 off the NE record!! 1st place by 2 seconds.

50 free - this was another event that was packed tight in the seeds. I had seen the other women go fast in the 100 free, but I also knew they had all been swimming a lot of events. I was in a great heat, lane 4, with all young muffins around me, only one 35-39 woman over in lane 8. I just had to go for my personal best and let the cards fall where they may. And yes coach 2 breaths down, a tight turn, long streamline and 3 breaths back. Kick it! Yeah baby.... 25.64 and 1st place!!

400 medley relay - 100 fly, I just planned to take it out easy and come back with what I had, but hey I did a 1:02.9?? This time it hurt! See the video below (thanks Elia and Mark!) Nice job team!

Bridget, Jessica, Cheryl, me - 400 medley relay

Mary and I

My medals!

Simon, Cheryl and Jeremy

The overall team 1st place plaque for Maine Masters

Cheryl in the 100 breast

Lap 1, 50 free

Lap 2, 50 free


Ange said...

simply incredible. SO impressed.

Wendy said...

Outstanding!!! Congratulations -- to you and your teammates!!!

(Like you, I truly love my fastskins.)

IronMatron said...

You are a rock star! I love the pics@! Will you send me the one of you and me?
Oh, I am so psyched and proud of you!

Alejandro said...

Way to go! Wish we could have been there to see you. Let me know when your next event is, I'd love to watch. Congrats! I'm proud of you!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hi there! This is Jen (mary,ange's coach) and they always talk about you and your swimming so I checked your blog out. GREAT state meet!! Way to PR in a lot of your races and you are SUPER fast! Congrats!! :))

Nitsirk said...

Wow, those times are fantastic. Glad you got to hang with the Riverton crew. I will certainly be missing them over the next few weeks.

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