Friday, May 14, 2010

Distance training

Basically to me this just means space out for an hour and keep swimming. I've taken the intensity down a gear and am just trying to get my body used to swimming without stopping (and save my shoulder). So far this week 6300 and tomorrow this is the workout. Not sure I'll get it all done but some is better than none.

warm 500 pull alt breath every 3

10 x 200
# 1 swim free :15 sec rest between 200's
# 2 kick fly on back
# 3 back swim
# 4 descend 50's free
# 5 descend 25's free
# 6 Negative split 100/100
#7 all out
# 8 ez pull
# 9 allout
# 10 ascend 25's

1500 mile swim each 500 10 sec faster

10 x 100 super set @ 1:25

sd 500

total 5500 yds


Wendy said...

That looks like a great workout! I'm looking forward to getting back into open water ... soon!

MaineSport said...

I get tired and bored just looking at this. I commend you for even considering it.

Swimming for ME said...

well i did 5000 ... yes, "tired and bored" being the operative words!

Mary IronMatron said...

I've never done a workout that long in my life. evaaaa.
:) xoxoxo

maria conley said...

Estas loca!!! Just kidding.