Sunday, May 2, 2010

Going the Distance

Enjoyed my first distance workouts this week. It is a huge shift for me from the intense rapid fire sprint training I have been doing all year. In fact I almost never have made this shift. Swimming the 1000 last week was eye-opening for me. I really enjoyed it. So much time to think and stretch out and just "be" in the race as opposed to have it "happen".

Yesterday I swam 5500 yards... The longest I have ever swum in a workout I think. It was rather nice although I do not think I could have done it without some good company.

Thought about zooming in on the tiles. Lots of time to really think about being in the water and just get into the rhythm of swimming. Feel the cadence of my breaths. Enjoy the bubbles underwater on turns. Stretch out and streamline.

My shoulder held up okay which I am very happy about. I took my speed down a whole gear so to speak and I think this not only allowed my shoulder to make it but also made the whole workout more enjoyable.

Goal for the GBSwim in June ... go the distance... long and strong.

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Mary IronMatron said...

Oh yeah, Distance! BTW, I love how the 1000 free is distance in the Alina book. hehehe! You are going to make that transition to OW long distance well, as always. Yeah! Summer and OW swimming is coming! Yeah! COngrats on the 5500! I don't think I've ever swum that much in a workout.