Saturday, July 3, 2010

Swimming in the rain

Summer has arrived. I've enjoyed several swims at Kettle Cove and even swum in the pouring rain. Gary has been my faithful swim buddy - which I am so so grateful for. Not many people would swim in the rain. Actually no one else except for Kathy. How I miss her! She's due back this week and I'm praying her back will be better and she can get in and swim!

The ocean temp has been reading 57-60 on the buoy but in reality it has varied between ^&^%*( cold and just cold. I find that my two caps and hoodie are still required and every swim I exit with my right pinkie immobilized by the cold. Nevertheless my last swim at Crescent Beach allowed me a glimpse of some gorgeous orange, green and white coral and seaweed on the rocks as we swam over. I followed lines from lobster trap to lobster trap on the bottom of the ocean and saw dozens of baby crabs.

Peaks is coming up in a few weeks. And I've got the Norway Tri this coming weekend. Proud to say I've gotten in two runs and well....ahhem... no bike rides yet. Hoping for tomorrow. The weather will be good so no excuses for me.

I am contemplating swimming the Gloucester 1.2 Save the Bay swim on August 21st as well as the Rockland Breakwater 1.6 swim on August 28th. So many races and not enough time during these short Maine summers.

But overall I just feel fortunate to be able to do all this fun swimming. To have the time, the ability and the means.

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MaineSport said...

Don't worry about the bike. Just roll along. It really isn't THAT important. ;)