Sunday, August 22, 2010

Race Reprot: Celebrate the Clean Harbor 2010

Sean and I proudly display our plaques!

Gorgeous summer day, perfect flat conditions, water temp 61. Hometown race for Cape Ann'ers and a beautiful venue.

Course was a bit longer than past years judging by the winning times. It was a trapezoid course out and back in the harbor. Maine Masters showed up in style (of course thanks to Son) with a huge banner and 20 swimmers. Sadly absent were Cheryl, Simon and a few others who have made this a regular swim over the years. Next year they'll be back! I'd like to get a few others in on this fun short swim too -- John, Mike, Susan?

This race was particularly fun as I got to see my sister and brother in law and adorable
niece Alessandra (pictures to come).

A 1.2 mile race is markedly different from the longer races I have been doing this summer (2.4 in July and 4.4 in June). It is really a full out sprint for 20 minutes! Which is a good realization as I have one more race this season, a relay at Lobsterman in September. This race did hurt a bit (and talking to folks afterwards I wasn't the only one). My lats and triceps were aching and tight. I am not sure if it was the effort I put out (didn't seem more than usual?), the flatness (why would that matter) or poor fit of my wetsuit. This is only the second race I have worn my Helix Blueseventy for a race but both times I have been uncharacteristically sore in my triceps. Could the suit be too short for my torso? I never had this problem with my old Orca. Has this happened to anyone else?

Otherwise I completely enjoyed the morning. I finished 3rd woman and 10th overall (/125). I highly recommend this race! Congrats to fellow Mainer's Sean Carter (1st male 30-39) and Kelsey Abbott (1st woman 30-39). Always nice to swim with friends.


Susan said...

Congrats, Alina! I'm sorry I missed it this year. I've actually done it several times - 6 times, I think.

Amy Pitney said...

This sounds like a fun and rewarding race. When you go from swimming long races to shorter ones it catches you off guard that you have to be sprinting the whole time!

Congratulations on finishing 3rd woman and 10th overall. Keep stretching those sore muscles and maybe look into getting a different wetsuit.

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