Monday, February 16, 2009


I love what happened in the pool this morning.

I learned something new from a fellow swimmer. My backstroke has been hurting. The practice immediately before our last meet I hyperextended my elbow twice in practice. Or that is what my coach told me. I didn't really understand what he was talking about. Today we were on our own for practice so I searched the web and pieced together a practice that I thought would be more conditioning as we are working on sprints Wed and Friday.

600 w/u (300 swim/300 pull)
4 x 150 (50 back kick no fins, 50 catch-up, 25 tarzan, 25 stiff arm dog paddle)
400 swim 80% effort
4 x 50 fly on 1
300 swim 80% effort
4 x 50 back on 1
200 swim 85% effort
4 x 50 breast on 1

We made it as far as the set of 50 back and a lap swim regular joined us. He is really fast but his doctor has asked him to slow down on account of his heart. He is 70 (or maybe older I'm not sure!) and he is the one who showed me something new today! I just love that. Age passing on experience (well I can pretend I am still nubile and young right?)

I have been rotating and hyperextending my whole arm across the midline up above my head, along with bending my hand at the wrist as if to scoop more water. This whole motion in turn has been torquing my shoulder and hurting! Thank god for Eric noticing and pointing it out. He even had a great way to get the right feel for correcting it. Swim along the lane line on your back -- right along it -- and with your arm extended grab the lane line and pull your self along. Your hand position and rotation are just right.

Here is a video that illustrates the proper technique with a double arm drill. The GoSwim site is great if you haven't already checked it out. A plethora of videos, drills, workouts and expert swim advice.

Backstroke - Double Arm from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think.

And for those of you who actually read this probably boring post.... here is a great lead I got from a fellow blogger....go to TYR to enter to win a new TYR Tracer speedsuit. Good luck!


Wendy said...

That's terrific!

Your shoulder will feel better, and your stroke will be more efficient.

Train-This said...

Hey there!!!

The camera is completley WATERPROOF..... and I didn't even believe it until I saw it!!!!

Chuckie V, a triathlete has made some sort of very easy contraption to hold it steady underwater.... I will link it tomorrow (just have to find it).

It is so rediculously easy to use and load, I could nto believe the price. It's one of those prices where I say..... let me see if I can break this thing!

:-) Mary

IronMatron said...

Very glad for you that you figured that out--or that Eric figured it out! I will try that drill. I don't think I hyperextend, but who knows. See you soon.. xoxo