Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Acclimating to the cold

The Rockland swim: one loop around the breakwater, 1.6 miles

Any tips? It's gonna be cold in the water on Saturday for Rockland. The buoy reads 59.7, while here in balmy Casco Bay it is 62.2. And when I swam at OOB today it felt really cold to me. Not good. I just hate the cold. It makes me lethargic and stiff. At least the air will be warm -- 80's I think and that will help.

And breakfast.... I need some suggestions here. I have to leave my house around 6:30 so that means breakfast at 6 or so. What to eat? The race isn't until 10am.... It has to be something quiet to so I don't wake up my whole family. No blenders. Won't go over well with the hub. HELP!

Other than that I am just swimming for fun. Sure I want to do well, go fast and all that, but really just have fun and not get any leg cramps like I did in Peaks. What makes me more nervous, much more nervous is racing in a pool.... traditional 50's and 100's. The ocean is an adrenaline rush, a thrill, the unknown, the cold, all the people and jockeying. But the pool is the known, the defined, the measureable. Still fun but always comparable to all other races.


Ange said...

Hi! HOw long is the Race on Saturday? I think you'll need to eat at 6 but then again before a 10:00 race. Two-three hrs before a race is a good time to eat. Some ideas: bagel w/peanut butter, oatmeal w/handful of almonds, powerbar? Those have lots of good calories & carbs if you are ok with them.

Swimming for ME said...

Thanks Ange. The race is 1.6 miles (there is also a 3.2 mile race). These are good ideas.... are bananas good too? And no OJ? What do you drink? And then just Gu and Heed before the race? I don't want to cramp up again!

Ange said...

yes, bananas are great. My typical pre-race meal is oatmeal, banana, handful almonds, and coffee. ( that's just me though) Depending on the length of the race I sip either HEED/water before or HEED + 1 scoop Sustained energy ( longer races...probalby not for a 1.6 swim) . OR Have a gel ~20 min before if you are comfortable with that. I really don't know about OJ..probably fine. I think it just struck me how Much of it you had that time. WAsn't it like 20 oz?

Anonymous said...

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