Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alcatraz here we come!

It's official... I am signed up for Alcatraz! Kathy signed up this week too. Wow, this is going to be an exciting trip. 800 swimmers, 1.5 miles, twisting currents, and jumping off a ferry for the start. I guess I'll be glad to just finish. A bunch of people I talked to at Rockland has also done Alcatraz so that got me more fired up to try it.

I really took it easy this week with swimming and did only 1 mile up in the lake. It was gorgeous. The water was 72 and not a soul was on the lake, well except for that loon....I actually had a loon chase me in the middle of the lake. He was hooting and cooing and chasing me and then went under water. Boy that made me swim faster. I later surmised that he (or she) must have been warning me to stay away from his/her brood of baby loons. Still freaked me out... they are BIG birds!

I can't express how SAD I am for this wonderful summer of swimming, beach days and freedom to be over! I am not ready to go back to work. And to top it off the first week of school is supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny everyday.... I will have to sneak some ocean swims in somehow.


IronMatron said...

oops. Yeah for Alcatraz!!!

Ange said...

yeah!!!!!! Congrats Alina. I'm so excited for you guys to do this!!

Nitsirk said...

That is too cool!! Someday I would love to do the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. You are going to have a great experience!

mconley342 said...

You are a tough cookie. Wow Alcatraz that's just crazy. But the crazier the challenge the better it is.