Saturday, August 9, 2008

Southwest Pond and Blueberries

Just got back from a few days in Washington County picking blueberries, eating awesome Mexican food (yes!) and doing some swimming. It was a relaxing trip with the kids up to my dad's camp. We learned a lot about the migrant workers... how they basically completely support the agricultural infrastructure of Maine. Right now there are about 12-15,000 migrant workers picking blueberries in Washington County-- kind of unbelieveable. Thus the amazing Mexican food we were able to enjoy each day -- nothing even close in Portland.

The pond temperature started out at 72 and steadily dropped each day without the sun to 69 by today when we left. Nevermind -- it was still wonderful and a refreshing change from the salty ocean. And not a soul on the pond.

Big exam on Tuesday -- hopefully the last of my life! Wish me luck......


Ange said...

Sounds like a cool trip Alina. I'm glad you were able to do that.

GOOD LUCK TUES!!! You are definately going to blow them away!

Yes, the swimming is awesome. I feel fast just watchign them. I feel like I can move like they do just by watching them.

mconley342 said...

Good luck on Tuesday Alina. Blueberrie picking how fun. When my family & I go to Maine on vacation we go blueberrie picking. We love making blueberrie pancakes. Happy swimming.

IronMatron said...

I missed you! Good luck tomorrow! I'll be waiting for the arrival (onslaught, haha) of the little people.

Anonymous said...

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