Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swim with Kathy

Salty. Cold. Overcast. Very very low tide, sea grass and all. Oh yeah, did I mention cold. The lobstermen laughed at us. I have to give Kathy a lot of credit, she got me in at 5:40am for this long swim. No fiddling with the goggles, no chit chat. Thank you Kathy! I missed you while you were gone! We will be ready for Rockland without a doubt. I do have to say the sunrise was beautiful on the drive over, but that didn't last as the clouds rolled right in. About 1.8 miles total. Tomorrow the pool.... I'll have to find a fun workout.


IronMatron said...

See you next week! I've loved coming to your pool and swimming with your people... :)

Ange said...

It's great to have a training partner to push you along!! We all need that sometimes. It was great to see you Tues. Hope we can visit more often as the year goes on.