Monday, September 15, 2008

Are we disorganized?

Well you be the judge.
We found a pair of my son's shoes at the park across the street today.
They were sitting neatly on a picnic table.
They had been missing for more than 3 weeks.
I really can't even believe we found them.
And then today I found 1 flip flop of a pair that
I thought were stolen in June at the pool.
Nope. They were in our house all along.
And one flip flop is still on the loose.

Can it get any worse?


IronMatron said...

That is too funny! I don't think you're disorganized--it's your kids and spouse who are disorganized! :) Sad about hanging up the wetsuit. I still get to wear it done in FL, so I am not done yet! miss you@!

Ange said...

It can get worse I'm afraid. All that does sound normal for us too... and like Mary said, it's them not us right? :o) I lost a pair of shorts the otehr day that I was wearing at the time..hmmm...