Monday, September 29, 2008

CELT race report: Team Triple Threat gets 3rd OA

Andy, our speedy hard working (and muddy) runner

Lorenzo, the stud biker who survived some very wet roads

Alas there were absolutely no pictures of swimmers taken!

The stats:
3rd relay OA
5th fastest swimmer OA
5th fastest runner OA (20:31)
12th fastest biker OA (39:13)

Yeah Team Triple Threat! The two relays ahead of us were all male corporate relays so I feel like we did pretty well.
My swim felt good ... until I got to the 200 yd mark and then I kind felt like I was losing steam big time.
My time for the 425 was 5:15. (race time to the transition area 5:34).
1:07 - 100yd
1:13 - 200yd
1:18 - 300 yd
1:20 - 400 yd
0:17 - last 25

I would have liked to keep all the 100's under 1:15, but given that I was pretty slacking in my workouts before the race I can't expect much. But overall I was happy that I had some semblance of pacing going on. Maybe the ocean swimming is helping!

I was excited to open the mail today and find Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen's video waiting for me. I watched it this afternoon and the general gist (set to some cheesy music, but hey what can you expect) is to swim as if you are paddling a surfboard (she is from Hawaii). Wide pull, with a pause after entry, straight pull, with power coming from a elbow bend -- wrists stay straight -- and look at the bottom of the pool, not ahead (makes the hips drop). My initial reaction is that this is going to be a helpful video. I am going to have to watch it a few more times and experiment in the pool.

I have no doubt, soon my kids will also be saying "No Mommy, not the swim lady again!"


IronMatron said...

Oh yeah! Kind of like, "Mommy, you already know who wins this race. Please let's not watch again!" I hear ya...
You guys kicked butt! Such a fun, muddy, crazy race!

IronMatron said...

Oh, and next race you need to beat that Jessie girl! :)

Swimming for ME said...

Amen to that!! Maybe a tattoo will help?