Friday, September 26, 2008

Watch out Arnold Schwarzenegger, here I come

Weights. Three times a week. For an hour each time.

Yeah, right!

How the heck am I supposed to fit this in?

I know all my tri friends out there are working out 14 hours a week or more, but I'm having trouble managing three 1-hour swim workouts. And I already do these at 5:30am.

So my coach advised me today that in fact I do not need more fancy pantsy stroke technique tweaking, with fun trips to Hawaii and autographed DVDs (yes it is in the mail to me right now!!), but rather good old fashioned weight lifting and core strengthening. I nodded, agreed and was generally compliant. But oh, weight lifting is soooo unsexy and boring. And, I might mention, impossible to accomplish with three screaming kids running circles around you and stealing your therabands and weights.

I will -- somehow -- find a way. Cause I know after all coach is right.

Check ... purchased Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen's DVD and can't wait to watch it.
Check ... discovered she is having a swim clinic in Camden in December and another one in Andover, MA. Anyone going to join me?? hey they are not Hawaii, but until I have a spare $3000 it will have to do.

Sadly I will have to miss Hodding Carter's clinic this weekend. Maybe next time?

In other news.... I have a tri bike! Yikes. Don't know a thing about them. But this one needs a seat and I am quite sure a tune-up, which after Mary's blog entry today I am little scared to undertake. Is there such a thing as second hand bike seats??? And what is with this getting the right fit? How the heck does this work?

Much to learn. But it's kinda fun.


Ange said...

Hey girl!! HOpe CELT went well today!! TEll me abotu it ok?
Where did you get the tri bike? to answer your questions....take it to Peak and ask for Tim. He'll set you all up.
Tell me more about this swim clinic. Is there a site I can go to?

Swimming for ME said...

Hey Ange! The site is:

Today was fun... I'll post it all. Thanks for the hug you sent!

IronMatron said...

yeah! Alina is going to do a triathlon! Alina is going to do a triahtlon! Yeah! This will be very fun. I say get your bro to look at it before you send it to Peak. He's free, and I think he's likely pretty savvy about such things.
So fun to see you today!
Can't wait to see the buff Alina after weight training. :)

Swimming for ME said...

If I do a triathlon it will be very fun -- as in funny. I will be the last person to cross the finish line!

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