Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hanging up the wetsuit

I'm hanging up my wetsuit today... literally.. until next summer. SAD!! In more ways than one... But I found this great video on Alcatraz Sharkfest to get me psyched for next summer. This is going to be a great time. Are you ready Kathy?? (I know you are!)

check it out...

In other news I realized I haven't read a single book all summer. Lots of the newspaper, lots of the New Yorker but not a single book. What is up with that I pondered? I always have a book going. Oh yeah, I have been blogging and addicted to reading the blogs of people I have never met. So I've started Hodding Carter's Off the Deep End. It is pretty funny and I can actually relate to this guy who is trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials at age 45 (with 3 kids) in swimming. Okay not that I have that kind of determination, but I understand his need to be fast and do what he used to do so well and effortlessly. His tale is a funny lighthearted read. BTW, he is from Maine too, how cool?

Next on the list is a book I read about in the New York Times last week. American Wife.... an imagined peek into the life of Laura and George, of course with different names, and lot of sex scenes. The kind of book I should have read this summer. A review reads... "Should a liberal First Lady sit in a corner reading Saul Bellow while her husband pushes a ruthlessly conservative agenda? Sittenfeld dramatizes the question with a forgivably contrived plot twist. And who knows how close she has come to understanding Laura's inner life? My guess: Not close. But it hardly matters. This is a novel, after all, and it's a terrific one. "

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