Sunday, November 16, 2008

Erswell Masters Meet at Bowdoin pictures

Thank you Jennifer for the great pictures!

Bowdoin Pool

The Team! We were the largest team at the meet with 25 swimmers.

Nancy, Julie, Lynda and Coach

Much of a swim meet is sitting around, conserving energy, staying warm and getting mentally psyched for your next event.

Coach enjoying a good swim

Deb in the 50 breaststroke

Ted, Carrie and Coach watching a close finish

Oliver and Julie

Looking at the "psyche sheets"

Matt and Claire (notice the fine print on the shirts)

Our kid crew of cheerleaders

Ted checking the heat sheets -- he's happy about something

Ann and Lisa

Deb in her Hawaiian suit


IronMatron said...

I love the pics! I want a Masters team, too!

Ange said...

look so fun..
I miss my teams....