Friday, November 14, 2008

My favorite: A knockout

From where I sit I can hear the foghorn blasting a lonely echoing call in its own rhythm. And just a few minutes I enjoyed the low deep horn of a big tanker going by. It is a foggy misty warm November night. Better enjoy it while it lasts. We'll soon be buried in snow.

We had a great workout this morning. It is my favorite one. We do it once a month and it's called the knockout set. We start out doing 100's on 1:30 and with 100 that we complete the interval drops by 2 seconds so the second 100 is on 1:28, the third on 1:26 etc. until the interval drops so low that you can't make it anymore. Then you rest one interval out and continue on doing 75's until you can't make the interval anymore and then you do 50's, finally getting down to 25's. Coach let's us know when to go by blowing the whistle or yelling at us (much more effective). I love this set because it is a good fast continuous swim and I get to race the clock.

At the end of the workout a few people did no breath 25's and I thought let's do a knockout set of no breath 25's. We could start on 1 minute and work our way down til we can't make the 25's anymore. Great aerobic training.


Ange said...

So.....what did you get knocked otu on?? 1:02? :)
sounds like fun..but only With others to swim with. gotta get in the pool wiht you soon my dear.

IronMatron said...

That sounds positively vomit-licious. But fun! I agree with Ange, though. No fun alone. Wish the three of us LIVED NEAR EACH OTHER. ERGHHHH