Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best of summer

Wow! Awesome 1.8 mile swim tonight. It was gorgeous.... a little choppy on the way out but so smooth on the way back. And it was surprisingly warm, especially compared to my Richmond Island swim a few weeks ago. I feel really ready for P2P and psyched for the swim. Took the ferry out to Peaks today with the kids to scope out the course. It is going to be really fun. Just getting out of the starting shoot will be the challenge but the rest will be just good honest swimming which I definitely feel ready to handle. Got some good nutrition tips from my tri friends so that will help. Tomorrow another training swim from Macworth to East End Beach (hopefully with Ange!) and then on Friday I will hopefully do another long 2 miler with a couple of friends. This is the best of summer for sure. On the way home tonight I picked a flat of strawberries and they were so plentiful it only took 15 minutes. I could hear the waves in the background... doesn't get any better.

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IronMatron said...

Man, you make it sound so peaceful and perfect! How many strawberries did your little people eat?
You are going to rock P2P!
Miss you...Dinner tonight was bagels and peanut butter! My kids were like, Aunt Alina actually cooks, Mom...