Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Dream Vehicle

Okay not really, but I had a lot of fun this week driving a white 1984 Ford pickup this week that a friend left at our house. It was standard with the old roll down windows and made this charmingly annoying buzzing sound anytime the driver door was open. The steering wheel was up high -- at least for me -- and made it feel like I was driving a farm truck. I made a couple of dump runs with the whole bed loaded up, so convenient and a wonderful escape all the SUVs, volvos and saabs I see tooling around here. All I need now is a halter top and some fuzzy dice and life would be great. And there's that word again -- ESCAPE.

Great swim on Tuesday morning with Kathy at Crescent Beach bright and early at 6am. Thanks to her motivation we swam at least 2 miles I estimate -- back and forth from the cove twice to the second LG chair. Flat, warm and wonderfully empty of people.

Today I got in a 1.3 mile swim at OOB. The first time all summer I have felt excited to dive into the ocean. The air was hot and the water a perfect refreshing but not freezing temperature. It took a good 3 minutes longer on the way back due to the current. I did notice how it is I don't swallow any salty water when I swim in the ocean -- something a few people have asked me about lately. I have never paid much attention to it until now. I'll save that for my next post as duty calls -- dinner!

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IronMatron said...

I don't take in any water either, and I think it's because I breathe really, really fast. :)
Love your new picture! :)