Friday, July 18, 2008

Tomorrow is the the day

Okay one day to go to P2P. I had a great 1.5 mile bay swim on Tuesday from Mackworth to East End Beach. Good to visualize coming into the beach and I felt very strong in the water. It was warm all the way to the boat and then FREEZING all the way to the beach... head throbbing ear aching freezing that is. Note to self: definitely wear my hoodie for the race.

Then on Wednesday I pretended to be a fast Masters swimmer and joined the Portland Y group at the outdoor pool. Admittedly it was a blast but boy there was a lot of testosterone there compared to my regular Masters group. Really made me work much more than normal and it was just a gorgeous 80 degree day. They were tappering for Peaks so it was a fast 2000 meters and then we all called it quits. I was able to easily keep pace with the guys in my lane, but in the "fast" lane next to me they were hauling some major X%Q#$%. Reportedly there is a guy who swims 48 or faster in the 100 free (and he is my age). Yikes.

Now on to planning some strategy with my kayaker. She has swum Peaks before so has a pretty good grasp of the race and how to plot a fast course to the beach. When I picked up my race packet yesterday I was told I would be in the LAST wave since I was new to the race. Well luckily IRON MATRON was with me and she would have none of that. I am now in the FIRST wave!

Here I come Peaks! See you all at the race tomorrow. It should be beautiful.

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