Monday, July 14, 2008


What a fabulous race it was yesterday at the Scarborough Tri. The conditions were unbelieveably rough at the swim. Four foot swells, white caps, stiff wind and a hazy mist. As the first wave of men ran into the surf the sun cleared the haze and it was just gorgeous. It was all I could do to not grab one of the pink 35-39 caps and jump right in there myself. I cheered for my friends Ange and Mary and saw so many others I knew which was a blast. After the swim, my daughter and friends hopped the shuttle to T2 and watched our friends transition to the run from the bike. We then RAN to the finish line to see Ange win overall for women and Mary place second in her AG! Way to go!!
Saturday is P2P and I am hoping it will be good weather wise. I am psyched for the swim and challenge of the course. Long practice swim tomorrow and some shorter speed training wed and thursday.


Ange said...

You are such an amazing friend Alina. Thank you for making su ch a big effort to be there and for cheering us so enthusiastically. Your words on my blog were so kind and it means so much. You're swimmigng has alwasy inspired me too.
I am so sad I cna't be there for your P2P. You are going to do some serious damamge! :)
Love all your new blog entries! Yeah!
love, A

IronMatron said...

Yeah! It was so fun! thanks for cheering us on!
Now you need to report on all of our fun swims this week... :)