Friday, December 19, 2008

I need a trainer!

Well here she is... my new (old) tri-bike.

You know what this means of course.
First this means she needs a name. So send me your ideas.

Second, it means that soon I will soon join the lot of crazy obsessed tri-riders out there. Mind you I will be going half their speed, but nevermind that. I just need someone out there to sell me their used bike trainer.

I need a trainer so I can ride indoors this winter. When I shall have the time for this I have absolutely no idea but it is a nice fantasy for now. I know some of you out there reading this must be getting new fancy shmantzy trainers and would love to sell me your old one. If so please send me a note!

Oh yes, here is my 3-year old. Pretty cute, eh? Destined to be a swimmer (once she loses the honking floatie, but note the Aquatic Edge bathing cap).

1 comment:

IronMatron said...

Oh, dara is such a cutie....
I will keep my eyes peeled for a trainer for you. You are triathlon's next victim baby! yahoo!