Monday, December 15, 2008

"That lady" braves ice storm to swim

It was sleeting. It was raining. It was icy. It was slushy. The wind was whipping. It was dark. We had no power. There was a 1/2 inch of ice on the car.
So of course I got up. I got out. I was on the road. And then this happened.

And then this.

There was no way out!

Later in the day somebody moved the lines so we were able to drive precariously under them and get out. However we still can't get to our house. Luckily our power came back on Friday night.
I drove to 3 pools that day desperate to swim -- or at least get my kids to burn off some energy-- and everyone was closed.
Days off are dangerous for motivation I have learned. I was on track last week to have my highest yardage week in months, probably breaking 10,000 yards (which I know is normal for others out there). Alas. It was hard to get in this morning but I made it.

Friday is the last day for Masters until mid-January so I get to be a real dork and swim with the high school team. Last year they voted me "most likely to come to morning practice" for their yearbook superlatives -- except the really pathetic part was they called "that lady".


Ange said...

what a riot..that lady. I love it. :) I'm "that lady that runs" around here.
Nasty storm!! You coudlnt' get to your house? ugh! How logn was your power out?

mconley342 said...

I think is cute "that lady". You are a tough cookie. I heard the news here in MA about how bad it was in ME & NH. Be cautious out there!

IronMatron said...

That is so funny! You are that crazy crazy lady! Hey, chica, if I'm up there I plan to swim with you and the team again! hahahaha!

You know, I think it's just a little scary how important our workouts are to us... hmmmm.
just thinking about this summer and our open water swimming gives me chills I get so excited.