Monday, December 1, 2008

December Super Set

We do super sets on the first Monday of every month -- which consist of 10 x 100 -- with the interval dropping by 5 seconds every month. So by now our lane would be down to about 1:25, which is doable, albeit challenging.

Coach decided to 'kick it up a notch' and have us do our "fastest interval ever". He spread us out among the lanes and had only half the team come at 5:35 and the other half at 6:05am so there could be more intervals. Deb and I tried the interval he wanted ... 1:15. Sounded pretty tough to make 10 x 100 on these but what the hell, right? I was glad Deb was willing to try with me. He said to start on the 15 so I started on the 14:15 --- duh he meant the 15:00 so I ended up doing a fast 50 before everyone else started and turned right around with the first 100. We made 2 on 1:15 and then had to drop down to 1:20. By then we were already pretty tired and were not getting more than a couple seconds rest, and Deb was right there on my toes. I tried to lengthen out my stroke in the hopes I could use less energy and still maintain pace, which I think would have worked fine if we had started on the 1:20 interval. In the end, we finished them all and think just were a few seconds short on the last two. Next time we'll start with 1:20 and try to hold that.

He made us get out after the super set and told us, almost like it was a punishment, that we only get one shot to make the interval and that we couldn't swim anymore. Tough love I guess.

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IronMatron said...

I like that kind of tough love... Of course I would loaf so I could just be done! No, really I wouldn't.
The vision is a big secret--haha. Not to you, though. You could probably guess most of it. xoxoxx