Saturday, December 27, 2008

A lap swim

It was nice to swim with a new group of people today. Usually I always swim with my lane 1 buddies in our Masters program. We all know which order to go in and never miss a beat. Today I met Mary for a swim, and Kathy showed up too, so we had a good group to take over a lane -- always important for the community lap swims. But then we had a few college swimmers join us after our warm-up, which definitely pushed us to go much faster than our normal pace! Mary brought a workout from her coach Jen which turned out to be a great one. 3000 total yards. Thanks Jen! Half-way through the workout Mary proclaimed "I think this pool is short" as her times were much faster than her usual splits..... or could it be that you are swimming faster? The more likely explanation I think. Or it might have been the pink elephant suit? Whatever, it was fun to swim with you Mary. Can't wait for the summer open water swims.


Ange said...

sounds fun. wish I was there with you guys! And I love when pools feel short! :)

IronMatron said...

It was the pink elephant swimsuit for sure. I bet I'm even faster in the electric, shiny blue one I just got. haha I loved swimming with you too!