Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pour it on

When I was swimming yesterday and trying to keep the descending pace for the 250's that we were doing I remembered how when we wanted to go faster we'd day "pour it on".
Wierd. As I thought consciously about going faster this popped into my mind and it felt like this as I sped up. Again wierd.

Other random thoughts...

As I was watching the Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen video last night I started twitching and tensing as if I needed to just jump in the pool right then. I think I am addicted.

Swimming is good for longevity, or so they say. I'll take it.

As you age you lose far less than 1% of speed per year in swimming. Speed loss only reaches 1% at about age 70, and even then there haven't been enough studies to be sure what older athletes are capable of. More and more the limits of age are being disproved.

I just read the other day that there have been some studies showing that when coming off the wall from a turn it is best to wait until the body is prone to take your first stroke... and not taking it with the shallow or deep hand as this creates more drag and slows one down.

And the bigger question... who actually does these swimming studies anyways?


IronMatron said...

I want to be the one conducting those studies. Do you think they conduct them with hot, college male swimmers? I sense my true calling...

Ange said...

oh how I miss those hot college male swimmers....nothing like 'em. maybe we should recruit some (mary, wear your pink elephant suit) and do our own study!

Swimming for ME said...

Amen sisters!

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment! Now I know where you are, I've added Swimming for ME to my reader, and will be a regular over here!

Happy New Year!